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It is time to calculate CO2 footprint

reduce it and compensate it!


Engage your city to generate the CO2 Voluntary Carbon Offset credits.


Get your official CO2 credits and trade them with our networks of partners


You were training your development agencies and associations to digitalize your mitigation actions.


The project will demonstrate the capabilities to enable green procurement. 

Molina del Segura

Molina de Segura is committed to CO2 equivalent offsetting together with CO2Marketplace.


"Citizenship, public administration and business networks need to promote green trade initiatives to compensate for their level of CO2 footprint."
Pedro J. Martínez
"CO2 Marketplace is a SaaS which certifies the local compensation of CO2 through STANDARD certifications such as VERRA and GOLD Standard ."
Alicia M. Sanchez
" This SaaS is acquired by the local administration to register the CO2 compensation of citizens and companies"
Maria V. Poveda

You are one step away from getting involved in urban health awareness.

Invest sustainably in mobility and energy
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Co-funded by the European Union
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